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Thread: Night Master NM800

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    Night Master NM800

    Variable/Dimmable power using the rotary switch 850nm
    NM800 with 800 IC Brightness Control LED Conversion Kit Boxed

    Spare Night Master 800 Head - The head for the Night Master 800, Comes with head with lens and bezel
    2x Night Master 800 Neck Sections - A spare neck section without an LED
    Night Master Spare Tail Switch
    Spare on/off switch
    spare o-rings/rubbers
    Night Master 18650 extension tube
    High Scope Mount
    Led removal tool
    NO Batteries or charger

    This is the new conversion kit for converting a standard NM800 or XSearcher model to the Night Master IC (Intensity Control) model with rotary dimmer switch and IC LED.

    This upgrade will allow you to quickly reduce or increase the beam intensity, simply by twisting the rotary switch left or right. This is useful when you need to quickly adjust the beam brightness while hunting.

    Whenever you select a new brightness level, it will immediately be memorised by the rotary tail switch and will activate at the level whenever you switch off and on again. The brightness level will be stored to memory until you select a new brightness level or unscrew the tail-cap to remove and charge the battery.

    150 posted uk

    Listed on other sites.
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    Bump for a cracking IR unit, works very well with tubed gear.

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    price drop 140 posted uk

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    Last drop 130 posted uk

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    Yes please Andy.



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