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Thread: Midge net/clothing

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    Midge net/clothing

    Ive been looking at a few different midge nets and clothing sets. The two I particularly like the look of are the swedteam camo bug proof suit and the beatons midge net jacket. I have seen others from jack pyke, cabelas and a few cheaper alternatives.
    In an ideal world I'd like to be able to see through the mesh to use my Binos. I will also be taking the suit to panama to wear whilst fishing if need be and also for wild fowling in early season so it needs to be strong enough to stand use of casting and swinging the gun on a regular basis.
    can anyone offer advice on which suit is worth the money and what suit is up to the job?

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    I'll post it again. This is the manufacturer. He bought the designs from its inventor, who lived in the next town from my farm. It was born out of Turkey hunting in the spring, or fishing in the marshes in the evening, where mosquitoes are so large that they are graded by the number of stripes you can count on them. You can probably buy it from Cabela's, Midway, Amazon, etc

    Matthews Bug Tamer, from Shannon Outdoors.
    Patented construction stops ticks, midges, blackflies, even giant mosquitoes.

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    Thanks for that. Some of those products certainly look very good.

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    You could just use a hat and mesh hood.

    the material should be black for best see through but there is always some trade off.

    It must be MIDGE proof, they are tiny and can get through mosquito nets.

    I also spray them with permethrin.

    Go outdoors, Highlander, outdoor type shops sell these.

    I did get a jacket with hood on special offer during the winter for a few pounds

    similar to a Beatons. They are based in Scotland (Inveraray) midge country.
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    Anyone tried ryno skin ? It's like long John's but more expensive !!
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

    BUY BRITISH !!!!

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