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Thread: Baikal .30-06 SxS Double Rifle

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    Baikal .30-06 SxS Double Rifle

    Selling my Baikal.30-06 side by side double rifle.....perfect condition....ideal woodland deer gun or a boar buster !!!!
    Used it myself with iron sights on fallow....groups well and point of impact is adjustable....see reviews on web...
    Reason for sale....i am left handed and changing my battery to multiple barrel rifle for lefty...

    Price 600 Ono..and rifle can be arranged with buyer to be sent to nearest RFD..

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    I always fancy a try of one of these .... No boar here & most of my stalking farmland but I really fancy trying a roe " old school " with open sights

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    If i had a variation in or a slot for that calibre , I'd be over that like a rash ..... A double sxs is an itch I haven't scratched yet !

    Free bump


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    Available now at 500ono

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    Daft question but is the rifle in Ireland or over the water?
    The Empire was built on cups of tea.

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    Well Ireland is over the water!!!; but that's no problem as I can send it dealer to your nearest dealer my friend

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