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Thread: Hampshire Varation OMG

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    Post Hampshire Varation OMG

    OMG Its now four & 1/2 months since I put my Varation in ,I have a open ticket , member of my local range , & what seemed to me a fairly easy Varation is taking forever , 2 x one 4 ones, add 1 x 30/30 ,1 x 7.62x39 Target , 1 x 222 Deer/Fox & modarator . FEO has kindly been out for a cup of coffee & a chat, all boxes ticked...So whats the hold up !
    I have four rifles sitting at dealers waiting for collection & my ammo is getting very tight ..

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    Very nice of the FEO to pop out for a cup of tea and a chat, but why?

    If they are simple one for ones then surely a telephone call would have sufficed, it's called smart working. That could be the reason for the delay, making unnecessary visits.

    I have varied both my firearms certificates in the last six weeks and both took only two weeks. My local force seems to be working well at the moment and using their limited resources wisely, not that it was always so.
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    looks like its slipped back into its old ways I was told a variation would take 2 weeks that was 4 mths ago I have since been told I will have to have a visit from a feo to look at my security ?. WHF I only moved into my new house 2 years ago and had it all checked out then. at the time the FEO told me I would be allowed upto 10 firearms with my security and I don't have anyware near that amount . I also know a surrey FEO who lives in Hampshire who waited more than 5 mts for a renewal. now that really pi**ed him off especially working for one of the better police licensing areas .

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    I to have a variation submitted to HCC, change of condition. I was told when I first applied that they were about eight weeks behind. I gave it six weeks then rang to enquire ( politely) as to the progress. The very nice lady there was full of apologies and told me that there was only one person dealing with variations and that the backlog was running at about eight weeks. I rang again one week after to be given the information that there was only one person dealing and that for the last week she had been dealing with reviews only but would be back on variations the following week.
    I was about to ring the following week when I received a call from my FEO who wanted to arrange a visit " to discuss my experience". I informed him that his department had that information covering the last twenty-five years in their computer systems so did not know what else he could require. He is coming " for a chat" next week, so I will find out soon.

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    December 2014 was when I put my variation in for two target rifles to be reinstated and two further rifles of the same caliber that is already granted, I have had two cup of tea meetings, the second was as the first had not taken place as the same questions was asked and accepted.
    My licence is also up for renewal in June 2016 which questions me as to WHEN I get MY licence back at what point do I summit for renewal, Good luck GMOX and well done 8x57
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    I'm up to four months with Thames Valley for my simple addition of a .17hornet. My friend in Wilts had his back in 3 days. It's crazy!!

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    I'm not going to say about getting a 1-4-1 done in wilts under five minutes then, wouldn't want to make any of you jealous
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    I added a .22, a .17hmr and had my ticket opened up at the beginning of the year. It took around 3 months, with a bit of chasing by email. Once I got to the top of the pile it all happened fairly quickly.

    We seem to have had some new FEO's recently so guess they are getting out and meeting their public....? Mine was very sound and I did have a bit of a moan to him about the delays and inefficiencies that Hampshire are famous for. He sort of agreed but just said that it's a case of supply and demand. Not enough people in the office, but those I spoke to were very helpful.

    The long wait does seem to be forever.
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    Totally agree with that.
    Also don't think that the incorrect guidance or information that is often received from those that are drafted into the office ( seemingly) from time to time to clear the backlog helps their reputation.
    I am not wearing the rose-tinted glasses when I say that I yearn for twenty years ago. Back then they were, in my opinion, far more efficient and had the time to talk it through and give good, sound advice. Now it is more like a lottery when you don't know whether the prize is going to be what you want.

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    I sent my FAC renewal off a month ago to Hants Police, hopefully I will have the new one on time in August. I thought that things had improved and they had stopped being short staffed but apparently not!

    atb Tim

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