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Thread: shooting show

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    shooting show

    im not a fan of pulling other peoples shots apart on camera but the latest offering from the shooting show is just rediculous, they show a very interesting report on .22lr ammo which was going fantastic right up until 11:43 where they cut to a rabbit shooting montage where there back stop is a flock of sheep. i really dont know why they would take this shot and i certainly dont know why they would show it, ive commented on there video and i await to hear there reply but i know what it will be them claiming the camera man was miles away from the shooter and the angles were all differnt but like ive said to them why would they be both will be talking to one another making sure the camera is rolling and all is ok but this is just not going to be practical for them so why would they do it. have a look for yourself maybe im over reacting but it just doesnt seem right at all to me

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    Yes, I winced when I saw that shot.

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    Camera angle ? Yeah,sure

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    that does not look good

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    As stated the lack of suitable backstop is questionable

    on the plus side I've been using eley rimfire ammo for ages and I can't fault it for accuracy

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    Camera angle ! could deceive the watching public as I found out when a member of this site reported me to the flo for just that he was't happy 1x 100+ but he still felt the need to try and have my cert pulled ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Get a life
    so you think this is fine then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    so you think this is fine then?

    Sheep are rather more disposable in NZ.

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    before this boils into a slanging match which is not what i want my reason for posting this is that this is the forth time from my memory that i have been open mouthed at shots taken on the shooting show once on a rabbit being shot on a hardstanding track with a sheep directly above it on a bank once at a rabbit with cows behind it a third when they shot a cwd and now this, i strongly susspect and i have now evidence for this so i could be wrong but i truly feel that there taking chances just to get good footage. im an experienced shot who lives in the real world and i know what goes on but some of the shots taken on this programe have shocked me

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