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Thread: Gunpower .22 Hellcat Air Rifle

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    Gunpower .22 Hellcat Air Rifle

    I have a near mint Gunpowder Hellcat for sale in .22 due to purchasing another FAC Air rifle yesterday.
    Complete with original moderator, filling adapter, genuine gunpower sling, genuine gunpower bi pod.

    This air rifle is the latest model to my knowledge with spin loc tank with built in pressure gauge, new style safety, and adjustable power level dial on the side.

    I understand not everyones taste but a good powerful air rifle which apparently can do over 40ftlb not that i have used it like that, i have it at 20ftlb with Bisley Magnums.
    Had less than a tin put through it and i have owned it from new about year and half.

    New prices are
    Gun 475 + 60 for FAC
    Moderator 35
    Sing 43
    Filling adapter 27
    Bipod 65

    I would like 300 on here, its on gun trader for 350.

    Please note, you will require a condition on your FAC to have the moderator i.e 1x .22 FAC Air Rifle 1x .22 Moderator.

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    Pm's answered. Still for sale.

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