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Thread: Is the .204 any good?

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    Is the .204 any good?

    I used to own a .223 which I ended up swopping for it for a .243. I loved the .223 but didn't have to use for it as I was mainly using it for roe which was good if you hit them right, less good if you didn't. Hence the variation.

    The reason I am asking about the .204 is due to the dramatic quality reduction in the ammo of my .17 hmr and the groups widening to greater than a rabbits head which is worrying. I have heard it can be a good replacement and if home loaded which I will do it can be a very accurate round. What are people's experience of this calibre?

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    Hi wiggy,

    Glad topmost my findings with a20 cal, not the 204 but it's posh bed buddy the 20 tactical, love it and it performs like you want it to, cheap to load for and very accurate,

    I was out last night with my nv 20"tac and I was taking bunnies out to and beyond 300,yards with ease, the day set up 20 tac ( I have 2) . Was taking bunnies out to 370 yards last week,

    Very little recoil nice selection of bullets ( I run 39/ 40 gr heads) and a small amount of powder works for me and the brass is not to hard to get a hold of,

    I have 2 shooting buddies that run the 204 and both are keepers, they got shot of their 22/250 and use them for bunnies but love them for foxing,

    Funny you should,say you have gone off the 17. I'm just thinking of getting another one when I have the funds as I have a few smaller shoots that even the 20 cal is to big for,

    I wish you luck and if buying second hand, have it looked over before you commit,


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    204 that,s all i can say.

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    .204 cracking round, bunnies and foxes with ease.

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    Yes. Use of the search facility will find lots on it.

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    Not used the .204 but it seems like a great vermin round, I chopped in my HMR a while back and got a .222 which I use for Rabbit, Fox and Munty, I reload for it and to be honest am not shooting hundreds of bunnies (or any CF will get expensive) but for the ones I do shoot it is perfect as long as you head shoot!! I thought about the smaller .17CF's and .20 cal's but went .222 as legal for munty, easy to reload/source factory ammo if needed and very accurate, also there are a few about 2nd hand which won't break the bank as they don't seem as fashionable as other cal's at the moment.

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    204 all the way! Crows at 400 are standard. It's like you have force fed it a hand grenade.

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    As an HMR replacement I'd go for a .17 HH, .17 Rem or .17 RFB as these are a bit cheaper to load for, quieter to shoot, and use a slightly more frangible bullet. Perfect for rabbits, squirrels and corvids, they are all good fox cartridges at appropriate ranges too.

    I have a couple of .204s and do a fair bit with them, but only take them out when I'm expecting to shoot further than the .17 can reach (and when muntjac aren't on the menu).
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    I wouldn't say it was any cheaper, a hand loaded .204 is about 50p in my books, as I'm sure you know. I think if your looking for a step up and a more diverse caliber the .204 is the way to go over any .17 IMO. The extra legs and td power you get from the .204 outweighs the possibility of a baw hair more crack,. I have a homemade mod on my 204 and il challenge anyone to find a quieter centre fire. But I know that not an option for everyone.

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    The 204 sucks. My CZ 527 Varmint 204 shoot sub half MOA for five shots pretty much day in and day out. It shoots flat and with 40 grain V-Max is not very windy. So it's no challenge to reload for, requires no head scratching for hold over and only minor consideration in winds under 10 mph.
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