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Thread: Guntuff laser Rangefinder

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    Guntuff laser Rangefinder

    Does anyone have any experience of these rangefinders? They seem a decent price.


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    Thanks for the tipoff David - based on your links I've taken a punt and ordered one - will let you know how I get on with it, all your fault if not!

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    I bought a cheap laser rangefinder on ebay a while ago, and fortunately the seller had a very good and genuine returns policy - because that is what I did.

    Now I am not saying the one above is not up to the task, but I then managed (by spending a little bit more) to get a Leica LRF900 and the difference was incredible.

    While I do not need to rangefind to 900 or more yards, it will easily range find off bushes and trees etc to easily 500 yards !!!

    One thing I have finally started to learn is that you do usually get what you pay for.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    The range is only 300m on the guntuff one which I got for 80 quid. I like it.

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    OK, it's arrived (very quick service seeing I only ordered it on the 16th).

    First impressions are good, the readings are pretty accurate and it does not seem fazed (so far) by most surfaces. The stated accuracy of +/-2m seems to be about right. It claims to work out to 400m and I have no reason to doubt it so far, but I'm not interested in shooting to that range anyway! I've trialled it on a known 100m distance and it was spot on.

    It's not so good if there a few branches in the way, but I'm working on the principle that I won't be using it in thick woodland.

    If you want a heavily rubber-armoured model I'd spend your cash on something more expensive - I wouldnt want to give it too much rough treatment and expect it to come up smiling. For the price, though, it's light and compact to carry around, and for checking out a slightly longer shot or setting up a target for check zeroing in the field I think it will do very nicely.

    Will come back to the thread if I discover any major drawbacks.


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