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Thread: Using a Lee Collet Die

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    Using a Lee Collet Die

    Probably a stupid question but seeing as I am new to reloading and when it comes to ammunition I don't think there really is a stupid question.

    When using the Lee Collet die should I just run the brass in as far/hard/tight as I can (within reason) or keep adjusting it until I get the desired neck tension?

    now for me how do I know what is the desired neck tension as this will be the first load development I'll be doing? Because as I see it the brass is compressed around the mandrel tightly at the max which gives a consistent tension. If this was too tight then the bullet would expand it slightly on loading and again give it the right tension?

    i imagine once I've been doing it a while I may want to experiment with less tension and see if that effects accuracy but not something to worry about now.

    Thanks in in advance for any help.

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    Hi Olly,
    I followed instructions by J Valentine here, and it works a treat :-)

    Lee Collet Die Adjustment

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    Thanks for that, make a lot more sense now. Hopefully should start loading for the 75 this week.

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    neck tension is a function of brass elasticity
    you can't physically get more tension as the bullet will resize the neck as it is seated (within reason)

    the easiest way to set the collet is as described in the link, so that you cam over just at the point of moderate tension in the press handle

    you will feel it if it is too slack or wound in too far and you lock out the handle before it reaches the end of its travel

    I have 4 of these and have not had to polish a mandrel yet

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    Another way to obtain a modest increase in tension is to partly lower the press ram and finger-turn the case 180-deg in the shellholder before doing a second sizing run.

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    Be washer I did think that the tension would always be dependent on the brass elasticity as the bullet would open it out to a certain diameter every time. I watched one too many YouTube videos and ended up confusing myself though.

    thanks for all the replies.

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    Becarful, I bust my 308 collect die first time I used it, the top Ali thread works like a relief valve, to much pressure and it strips

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