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Thread: Feeling homesick

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    Feeling homesick

    some great footage of NZ game animals, scenery and hunting - and a good perspective on why we do it. I get it and I miss the wild places - but I'm still enjoying being here in the UK


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    I'd be missing it too mate, awesome country a hunters paradise,excellent perspective about why we do it.
    Very true words about hunting being in your blood, and the instinct being in all of us but stronger in some people than in others. I think most on this site think the same way

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    As above and I cant help thinking that a lot of us would love to do what you do in NZ - a truly beautiful and wild place.
    I'm sure you do it once and it would be in your blood.

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    Some of the first series was on Youtube and I loved every minute of was a shame when it was pulled and i am gutted that it's unlikely that i'll get to see 2nd series

    Of course it doesn't help the pining to get out to NZ...

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