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    I'm Irish and I am a 56 years oldworking as a civil servant. I have hunted small game since my early teens and have managed wild deer herds locally for 28 years. I use a .308 Heym Rifle with a S&B red dot scope, also a Sauer 6.5 x 55mm with a Zeiss scope. My shotgun is a side by side AYA 12 guage. I have always kept working gun-dogs and currently have a great Munsterlander female. I use her for both rough shooting and stalking. Annually I harvest an average of 35 Fallow, mostly does and fawns. I cull approximately 20 Reds and am lucky enough to have medal class animals following years of selective management with a small syndicate of hunter landowners. I'm married with four grown up children. Both my sons and one daughter also hunt.


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    what part of the emerald isle do you come from

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    Welcome to the site,

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