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Thread: Sierra Matchking Bullet Head Clearence

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    Sierra Matchking Bullet Head Clearence

    Hi we are just having a clear out of the following heads listed...

    These are in boxes of 50.
    1X .22Cal .224Dia 90GR HPBT Match Code 1490 15 Per Box
    3X .30Cal .308Dia 240GR HPBT Match Code 2250 24 Per Box

    These are in boxes of 100.
    1X .7mmCal .284Dia 130GR HPBT Match Code 1903 24 Per Box
    3X .30Cal .308Dia 135GR HPBT Match Code 2123 23 Per Box
    1X .30Cal .308Dia 180GR HPBT Match Code 2220 24 Per Box

    Shipping Available as these are all Matchking Heads.

    Regards Josh.

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    Hi, how much for 180gr hpbt shipped please?


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    we will do them for 25 inc shipping.

    regards Josh.

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    7mm 130 the cost to ss2 please will you pm me with your contact info thanks

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    Hi Josh

    I'd be interested in a box of the 135gr .308, and the 130gr 7mm and the 180gr .308 if the others don't want them. Let me know a price posted?



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    25 including shipping our contact number is 01299 253424

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    What are bullet heads ? Could someone explain please ?

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Hi sorry for the delayed reply I will take the 180gr hpbt .30 if they are still available please PM me payment details. Thanks

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    Seems some of the larger traders & importers are also using the incorrect terminology too, pretty easy to slip into it when you have items like "GAMEHEADS"!
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