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Thread: 1 year on this site...observations

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    1 year on this site...observations

    So I joined this site a year ago to the day, frothing with excitement about a pending three day trip and wanting an understanding forum for my excitement (my wife was fed up with me)...

    A year on, I have the same trip coming up, she's still fed up ("look...that reflection on the car could be a muntjac in long grass, my Love...") and I thought I'd dwell on 365 days as an SD aficionado...

    Funniest thing I read:
    A member saying he lived in fear of dying and his wife selling his stalking kit for the price he said he'd bought it for...

    Most tedious thread:
    That one that went on for several hundred posts about how poor the .243 is and how 'inadequate' it must be for real men, hunters of anything bigger than rabbits and was generally a kids caliber or required pink underwear to handle it.

    Most impressed by:
    All members sharing and teaching and generally offering advice to stalkers of all levels, whether they be utter novices or those with years of experience. There must be thousands of aggregate years' experience on here so everyone's view is valuable, in my opinion.

    Most divisive issue:
    Begins with 'B' and ends with '..laser'. Still don't really understand this one but if you like your make of gun, great, if you don't then get something else.
    I still have a Steyr from when I joined the Forum but was (un)fortunate enough to just brush my elbow against a Blaser in a gunshop in deep mid-winter. It was like Harry Potter choosing his wand at Olivander's wand shop...I just knew it was right and went to great lengths to buy one as soon as possible. I don't regret it but am equally aware some people loathe them.

    Most salient observation:
    That no one ever stops learning about deer and stalking and wildlife in general. No one stalk is the same, no one deer is predictable and, sometimes forgotten on this site, no one person is always right... circumstance, lighting, behavior, angle, caliber, backstop, time of year, cover and experience all add little drips to the great cocktail shaker of stalking.

    Best daily Fix:
    Seeing willie_gunn's pics of deer on his morning strolls...they get better and better every day and I almost feel like I know some of those bucks now...great pics and they never fail to impress me. The doe he posted this morning made me want to as far away from my office and screens in London as I could be.

    Chuck Norris awards for Mission Accomplished:
    Both awards to Pine Marten...
    1) finally getting that Drilling over from Germany after a seemingly endless navigation of admin and bureaucracy...
    2) felling his first Buck after various unsuccessful / blighted missions. Hats off for persistence.

    Everlasting Buck:
    Private Fraser whose passing clearly touched everyone on the Forum. I didn't know him but many did and he was obviously both charming and experienced and enjoyed his forays onto this site.

    Favorite new thread:
    The one for pics not related to stalking...clearly some very talented photographers on this site and it goes to show how much everyone appreciates nature, contrary to the thinking of the antis who assume we have no care or stewardship at all. This thread also highlighted to me how rich and diverse our country is, despite the sad recent thread detailing things we DON'T see any more. We (most of members) are lucky to live in the UK and it's good to be reminded what we have on our doorsteps.

    Anyway, just some thoughts there... am 18 days and 6 hours away from my favorite trip of the the sandy Norfolk woods and fields for three days and six stalks with 2 of my oldest mates and a few thousand acres to divide up between us...3.45am three days straight and all day every day outside... plinking at steel plates, squeaking at the edge of the forestry, chasing muntjac around and hopefully adding a few bucks to the tally.

    Have very much enjoyed a year on the site and feel better equipped this year than last so thanks to all for the banter and advice I've gleaned.

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    Enjoyed reading your summing up
    hope your trip goes well
    regards pete

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    Cracking post agree whole heartedly with it ,funny nothing about my drivel or post count on it!!!! its been a long road for me but as you said if you bear with it and ignore some of it,,,,,,it comes good in the end,,,,I hope your trip pans out like you want and atb to you,doug,

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    Cracking summation. Hope your trip goes superbly
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    Best of luck with your forthcoming stalking adventure. Look forward to reading your post about it, and thank you for your support of the site.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Cracking write up.

    To which I would add.

    Funniest spelling mistake

    Ranbit instead of rabbit

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    What a brilliant review of an SD year really enjoyed that, I do hope your yearly sojourn to Norfolk is successful & enjoyable.

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Hi Casual-T

    Thank you so much for your post


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    Yes, an enjoyable read, although I hadn't realised that we were being marked on our contributions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenzie View Post
    Yes, an enjoyable read, although I hadn't realised that we were being marked on our contributions.
    I sincerely hope not !

    Very good post, and very observant of the OP

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