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Thread: Another very long shot

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    Another very long shot

    Me and my mates (2 or 3) planning a salmon fishing and stalking holiday in Scotland in 2016. Is there anyone who does this combined? They are more into fishing, me doing both. Or is this a not good idea? Looking for 1 week. Don't know where, when. Got no connections. Where to start? What kind of budget should we plan for this? Anyone interested? Thx!

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    Combining the two where I am is not easy as the season on most of the rivers ends in late September. Stalking no problem for next year, although I have one Stag week already sold and the SD weeks are filling fast.

    If you want to chat about it drop me a PM with your mobile number. Good luck.
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    So, I can supply both, but it depends on the following, What type of Salmon fishing-fly or bait? and what type of Stalking.
    You tell me what you want and I will try to sort it.
    I own my own stalking and own the lease for a 3 mile stretch of Salmon river, I also have access to another good river.
    PM me if interested

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    As always a chat with solway stalker will usually come up trumps he will have the contacts .

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    I can help you out with both in Oct , the river Nith has the longest season in Scotland and still got dates for stags available for next year but it fills up quickly
    Stag outing for a day is 350 per rifle (2 stags) , not sure about the price of the salmon fishing but im fairly sure its not expensive
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    Hi! Thx for replies. Will pm each of You soon. More details: My friends are experienced fishermen on trout, carp, catfish. Not on salmon. They are open for anything. Would need to rent fishing tackle for salmon. Accomodation: open for anything, me would prefer more basic. My friends maybe more comfi style. So, we will have a look on what You can offer and decide. Deer stalk: I'm a novice, doing a few stalks this year, applying for FAC in the meantime. Interested in the meat (to take). Not a trophy hunter. Red deer probably. Like to do the whole thing as a package if that is possible. Would split my time between stalking and fishing.

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    Thanks for input! Going ahead with Robbie Rowantree. Regards, Steve

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