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Thread: Fjallraven Clothing on Ebay

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    Fjallraven Clothing on Ebay

    A heads up for anyone looking for Fjallraven clothing - I've gradually obtained some items of the brand as I'm a bit disappointed in the quality v price of much of Harkila's later gear.

    This Polish Ebay seller has mainly last year's styles or from other European markets , but some are current, and prices are by-and-large way down on retail - one jacket I bought was only 30% of the cost of the best available price elsewhere.

    I've recently bought 3 jackets for myself and Mrs Orion and all are full retail quality, arrived within the week, and represented massive savings.

    PS. Fjallraven winter jackets appear to come in larger than 'true' sizes i.e. I usually fall between L & XL but an L fits me perfectly.

    I have no connection with the seller other than as a very satisfied customer.
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    It is good kit. I've been using their G-1000 trousers for years and they refuse to wear out. Declaration of interest: They do advertise occasionally in our outdoor mag, but I stand by that statement as someone who has since paid for this kit having been originally sent some for review.

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    And who wouldn't fall for the obvious appeal of the "Fjallraven Red Deer Spodnie - 50 Hose Pants Trousers"??

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