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Thread: Grouse in Health and Disease, Lord Lovat

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    Grouse in Health and Disease, Lord Lovat

    Here's a rare one for you,

    Grouse in Health and Disease - Lord Lovat

    a must have for anyone at all serious about Grouse.
    I'm open to offers on this one, it's basically "Hen's teeth" for it now, I have 2 copies.
    It's an old book, so has obviously got age related marks but is in good nick.

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    Is it the popular edition or the first edition which came in two volumes?


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    It's the single popular edition

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    Not quite hen's teeth and condition is everything so 'age related marks' needs some qualifying.


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    Can't be open to offers I'm afraid you will have to put a price on them, sorry but otherwise it becomes ebay.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Sorry John.

    I should have read the Ts & Cs !

    I'll withdraw the item

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