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Thread: my second munty

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    my second munty

    Hi all, ive little knowledge on these great little deer, it looks to me like its antlers are still growing, going by what you can see would it of been a medal Attachment 58933Attachment 58934

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    i,m, not clued up on munties at all mate ,,,but those antlers seem to look very thick to the ones i,ve seen ,,,,nice going,atb doug

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    Yep still growing at the moment would have been a reasonable animal had it gone on to hard antler .
    job to see them here as the rides don't get cut till the 14/7

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    They are quite thick doug, just couldnt resist taking it as I had waited along time for the opportunity

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    They are quite thick doug, just couldnt resist taking it as I had waited along time for the opportunity
    no problem im sure more to come,doug,

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    Well shot mate, did you get it from a high seat or stalk into it?



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    He looks a fine specimen of a munty well done

    As stated they are tricky little blighters this time of year with the grass length they just vanish without a trace lol

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    Hard to tell, they always look bigger in velvet.

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    looks a good one well done I love stalking munties a real challenge this time of year

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    I was on foot,It was on recently cut grass, it came from a field of long grass, I stopped in the gateway and scanned the field with the binos, nothing in there so headed across, got 2/3s across and I caught something in the corner of my eye just off the hedge, I thought it was a fox until I looked frew my binos, to my surprise it was a munty and a buck, no hesitation I got down and it stayed motionless, it was facing me and I knew if it moved I wouldnt get a shot, placed crosshairs at the base of the neck and grassed it, ive never taken a beast strait on before, I was a sweet shot, it was all over in a few seconds from seeing it until the shot, I was well happy with myself, had a roebuck in the next field
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