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Thread: This is me!

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    This is me!

    Hello there.
    I just thought I would post something here, even though I have been a member for some time.
    I own a farm on the west coast of Scotland, and have Red and Roe in the garden, so to speak.
    I have shot for many years, starting off when I was in the forces.
    Noe run a mixed fleet, 7.62 Lee Enfield Envoy (converted to L42 spec), 0.308" RPA Hunter, 0.243" Sako 75 hunter, 0.22" Sako Finnfire varmint, and a custom 22LR Ruger 10/22. Also have a selection of shotguns.
    Looking for a 0.223 to fill a slot on my ticket.
    Handload my own ammo, (well have started to!) and want to develop my skills in this area.
    Thats about it!

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    Better late than never,welcome to the forum Mick hope you find it helpful for your reloading plenty of good advice offered.
    ATB Neil

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    Nice one Mick you got lost,oh and welcome back

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