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Thread: Meopta artemis 3-12x50

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    Meopta artemis 3-12x50

    Looking for Meopta Artemis 3-12x50.

    Have s&b 6x42 or 8x56 to swap if interested.

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    This is what you need to make your rifle complete. You can try mine if you are unsure.

    For Sale: Z6 1.7-10x42

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    Nope. Way out of budget.

    I have the Artemis on my .243, and it's perfect.

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    Have to agree with mungo, I've got the illuminated version of the scope he's after and it's a better image than my s&b and zeiss duralyt on my other rifles. Snap it up if one come up!

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    I have a New Meostar R1 4-12x40 for sale,a little more expensive than the Artemis,but brighter and lighter(aluminium not steel) and more refined than the Artemis. Saying that,the Artemis represents very good value,but the R1 is superior. Only 450

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    I have a 3-1250 illuminated. 30mm tube.
    Not 100% on which model (2000 or 3000?) It is in a camo finish and although it looks like a factory job I have never seen another like it so guess it must have been dipped.
    Pm me an email address for pics


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    Don't know if you sorted one, but there's a couple of meopta 3-12 on ebay at the moment.

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