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Thread: Howa trigger,

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    Howa trigger,

    I have just purchased a second had howa 1500.
    The trigger is awefull, I have tried adjusting it, I'm still not happy with it.
    I also don't like the fact that the safety catch locks the sear and not the trigger. So that the trigger still creeps when the safety's on.
    considering either working on the stock trigger, or getting a Timney Trigger.
    My question is does the Timney trigger lock the trigger or the sear?


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    I have the same in 243 stainless synthetic with a Wildcat mod.

    The trigger does creep - a creak and then - pop!

    Does the same thing every time - and the 300+ deer its downed don't seem to mind....

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    I have two Howa's, never felt the need to adjust the new one, set the old one to around 3-4 lbs and there it has sat for the last 1000 rounds or so! sometimes adjusting triggers can be the start of problems (like a K31 I was asked to look at last year that some bright spark had tried to "adjust" the first stage out of! leaving the trigger break completely random and spongy!)
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    I have installed two Timney's on my Howa's . I have not noticed the trigger creeping with the safety engaged. It is a very simple installation. Both of mine are set at 2 pounds 8 ounces.

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    On my Howas the factory triggers don't have any creep really. When squeezing it does break all the way once it starts to move. Overtravel isn't very long and also the trigger returning to the front position is not very reliable if adjusted too light. Depending on the individual trigger somewhere around 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 pounds in my experience.

    If you set the trigger too light you get the rem700 feature. If you squeeze the trigger while the safety is engaged and stop squeezing, the trigger stays half-way depressed. Then later on when you disengage the safety you may get accidental discharge. And if not at that time you may get one from the slightest bump to the rifle.

    Mind you, I am talking about the non-HACT 3-position safety triggers. They are factory set so ridiculously heavy that IMO it's a must to adjust them. With stock pull weight the opinion that with rifles it's hard to pull a shot by squeezing the trigger quickly changes to it being hard not to pull a shot by squeezing the trigger.

    I have a Timney set at 900g on one of my Howas. In all honesty it is very similar to the Howa one. Overtravel on the Timney is longer and the trigger return to the front position is better and more reliable even at lower pull weights. Also when the safety is engaged, the trigger doesn't move at all. If you don't want to go lighter than the stock trigger allows you to I don't think there is much between the stock Howa trigger and a Timney.

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    we have never found the need to replace the triggers on howas. The single stage mark 1 trigger can be stoned and adjusted to a superb trigger pull with zero creep. (I must stress that you need to know what you are doing here ,altering the sear engagements can and will affect the working of the safety catch rendering it inoperable if you are not very careful.) The newer two stage trigger can be reworked to give a creep free 2lb pull with a little careful attention. We normally charge 30 and require the rifle complete to sort it out. certainly less expensive than a Timney trigger. Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris custom Rifles

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    2 Stage HACT trigger works fine for me. Got a bit work done on.

    Dont think the Timney is going to be worth it.

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