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Thread: New season on the Wild Boar

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    New season on the Wild Boar

    Last thursday our syndicate in the Netherlands started with the new season on the wild boar. We have a culling number set for 194 wild boar (on 2900 hectares). Last year we had about 120 so this year the cullingnumber is even higher. We do not think we can make the 100% in culling but we will try. Number is higher this year because not many boar died of natural causes with the mild winter and many food available in the woods. Most of the wild boar that are shot are piglets and youngsters, but bigger ones are in the picture as well. Up to now i shot 7 boar, with 4 shot on the first day! Wild boar can be seen during day time quite regulary in our area. For the first couple of weeks the wild boar tend to get at the feeding stations quite early. Sometimes you barely get into youre seat and they come trotting out of the woods. Unfortunately yesterday was not that kind of day with rain pooring down and just a little fox peeking its head out of the bushes. My fellowsyndicate members did a little bit better with 2 piglets shot. Total score now is 28 out of 194 but it will be getting a lot harder by the beginning of september when days get shorter and boar have learned that eating delicious maize comes at a price.

    Enclose some pictures of shot wild boar and one of the views from a high seat. (spot the wild boar on that picture)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 01H.jpg   02H.jpg   03H.jpg   04H.jpg   05H.jpg  

    06H.jpg   07H.jpg  

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    Its a hard life having to cull all those Wild Boar . Hope you are well Ruud.

    All the best,


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    Hi H&H
    that is a serious amount of boar to cull . Can I ask what happens if you don't meet the cull number and who sets the amount? 194 boar is a lot of pork ,do you sell the carcasses and do you get a fair price ? Best of luck with cull


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    Ruud, looks great, Waidmannsheil so far!
    I promise, you will be busy...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Hi Ruud
    Glad you have a good season to look forward to good luck mate.

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