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Thread: Head Measuring - BDS at Moy Fair

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    Head Measuring - BDS at Moy Fair

    BDS Highlands Branch will be at Moy Fieldspoerts Fair this year on 7 & 8 August.

    We are pleased to confirm that we will have the trophy head measurement service available on the stand on both days.


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    Will there not be conflict with the CIC, Ian Watson

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    Why should there be? CIC may be there - I haven't checked & personally am not interested in any politics.
    If they are present, the customers can make their own minds up who they want to do the job for themselves.
    All I can say is that the people doing the measuring job don't do it for profit.
    Any income from fees will firstly go to paying basic expenses to the measurer - any leftover money will go to BDS to benefit the deer.


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    Given the choice of an internationally recognised measurer or Joe Soap any rational person would go for the former !


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    Any thing other than the CIC measurement and medal is just a worthless bit of plastic .

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    Well - as the BDS/BASC measurement is free to members for the first head each member gets measured at the Fair, that would be right then wouldn't it! --- Not exactly!

    The two organizations have for once got together & their members get summat for free -- That is not worthless It is a free service.


    p.s. There is currently another thread running elsewhere here on SD discussing the politics of what is occurring for those who want to play keyboard games.

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    I would add that CIC is free as well if the head does not reach medal status. Other than that I think it is 15 per head, plus a few pounds for the official CIC medal if you wish to purchase one.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    I Just checked the forecast for the rest of the week & it looks like we should get reasonable weather for the Moy fair. (Reminder to self -- Don't forget the midge repellant!)

    Looking forward to seeing friends & meeting new folks.

    We will have Gregor & his optics, the head measurer, a wildlife artist & Jim with his cartridge case cufflinks etc with us on the stand.

    BDS tent will be in the usual location.

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    Happy to confirm the the CIC Trophy Evaluation Board will be at Moy, with the full Scottish Team Measuring on both days. As last year, we will be hosted by Scottish Natural Heritage, and we look forward to meeting old friends, as well as some new ones. We are the only trophy judging service whose members are trained and licenced by the CIC in the application of their Internationally Copyrighted and established system, and we evaluate all of the species occurring in the UK, as well as those from Europe and further afield. The CIC team members are also accredited Rowland Ward measurers and can offer this service if it is required as an addition or an alternative to the CIC system,

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