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Thread: Picked up another farm

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    Picked up another farm

    Its funny how things play out. I have been wanting to approach a farmer re some fox shooting on another small chicken farm but just haden't called in. Anyway couple of weeks ago I was on route to another foxing foray when as I drove past noticed somebody in the yard. Quick u turn in the road and into the yard. Spoke to the farmer who asked mme to speak to his son.

    Now I am dressed in full cammo so not normal way to do introductions, explained who I was and where I shoot locally and did they have a fox problem. Yes they did and how much would we charge to shoot fox for them.!!!!

    I said we did fox control FOC but in exchange could we shoot rabbits, pigeons and deer on the farm. This was ok and the farmer said he would give me a map of the farm and give me a tour. We exchanged mobile nos.

    We arranged to meet up the next week and we had a tour of the place and he explained the problem. Paperwork signed off and looks fine. We had two forays so far both unproductive but have clocked a couple of foxs, just need to get to grips with the lay out and the runs.

    Best bit is this farm joins up two of my exisciting perms so its a final bit in the jigsaw.

    So we are looking forward to yet more foxing and for thoose who struggle with perms just persevere and luck will eventually favour you.


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    Excellent. Sometimes you got to be a bit cheeky and just ask. You get more knock backs than yeses, but the ones that do say yes make it worthwhile
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    What's the saying? "I do love it when a plan comes together"!
    Well done on the new permission, especially as it is the "bridge" between your other permissions.
    Happy hunting!

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    Well done always a good feeling when you can stop banging your head against the wall.Funny the same thing happened to me recently as I have a great bit of wood that boarders my permission and the deer and foxes just love to hang in there, almost a two fingers up at me as they know which side of the line/hedge to stay safe. I have never been able to get hold of the owner as they live in Monaco and by pure chance I bumped into them and hey presto got it all sorted.

    Like Cyres said, one day it just all comes together so stay positive those of you who are still waiting it does happen.

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    Well done, Its funny how things turn out.

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    Time and patience pays off. I've been shooting a small sub 20 acre Xmas tree farm for 6 months, mainly rabbits but I have had one roe buck there. It is deer fenced round 90% so there never was going to be much on the deer front but it's a lovely calm place to sit out and there is a high seat there that overlooks 70% of the ground. Only today I had a call from the manager asking if I can come up to their 400 acre farm in mid Sussex as its over run with fallow and muntjac. Pleased doesn't even come close.

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