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Thread: High seat retrieval

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    High seat retrieval

    Some of you may remember last year when i posted that my highseats had been stolen from my stalking ground in Norfolk, Well, i finally got a call from the farmer to tell me that they had been found on neighbouring land dumped behind some straw bales around a pond.
    After a call to the neighbouring farmer i arranged to go and pick them up and this is where i have to give lots of thanks to 2 great friends whom took a full day to go and collect them with me, these friends are Beowulf and Stone, thanks again lads
    When i posted it originally i said that i knew who had stolen them and would you believe it, he had done. what a surprise. This thieving ******* lives near foxley wood in Fakenham and currently rents a cottage from Norfolk wildlife trust, well, not for much longer as they cannot wait to see the back of him now his lease is up. I am wanting to alert everyone who has anything of value that this shithouse can get his hands on, this could also include diesel oh, and also poaching deer. I also have my suspicions that he was responsible for stealing a chiller unit on a trailer that a friend of mine was using to store deer in when shooting in foxley wood. By the way, this thief also shoots rabbits and foxes on the same ground as they were discovered on, WOW , what are the chances of that happening eh? well, that was until the farmer says he will not be allowing this thieving get onto his land again, as he does not want stolen property to be dumped onto his ground. He drives a white 4x4 pickup and has a croney friend with a white beard, thick as thieves, literally.

    A result me thinks


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    Good job Wadas, Well done mate.
    There wasn't an Ivor Williams trailer and winch there was there? Had mine knicked last week!!


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    It certainly made for an interesting day! Unfortunately this poaching scum will reappear somewhere else I fear. Its quite amazing that this toe rag with criminal convictions got a firearms licence in the first place! What were the police thinking?

    Its seems that alot of people were taken in by this 'ne'r do well' for a long time and he has been free to steal, lie and threaten from the local community for sometime. Quite amazing really because everything about this 'Sh!t House Rat' screams, 'Beware poaching, lying git....beware!'

    A good result though, he will have been mortified for being outwhitted and his ill gains removed and returned to there rightful owner.

    Three cheers for all right minded, law abidding deer stalkers, boo hiss to the criminally minded village idiots who steal our equipment and needlessly slay and butcher our beloved deer!

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    It's a shame you can't NAME AND SHAME......

    Well done to all involved,

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    Andy L

    There was a trailer in his yard along with alsorts of other bits and bobs and i have no doubt that there will be some of it which is stolen.


    I was so close to posting his name you wouldn`t believe, but as you will know, i would have been done for slander. This is why i have gone for the option of saying as much as i can, as i am sure there will be someone out there who knows who i mean. If anyone wants his name i will pm it to them


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    hi wadas,
    this person was not called steve powelly was it, as i know he has 11000 acres of rabbit and foxing rights in your area and from my encounter with him he was an evil trouble maker who looked like he could well be a stranger to the truth and the highseats were found on where he shoots all hidden away so no one were meant to find them
    so any one in the foxely woods area beware of a man in a white pick up he looks like trouble so why take the risk

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    Hi Wadashot, dont know if you remember me you sent a private message when you lost your high seats, I am pleased you got them back and if you have got your stalking land back or you are down here again, give me a call and we could met for a drink ?.

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    Hi paul mate.

    Yes i do remember our phonecall to each other. I am affraid that i won`t be going back to that place so long as that loose cannon is breathing gods precious oxygen as i would never get any peace

    A drink and chat would have been nice mate, but not unless summat else comes up around there for no money.



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