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Thread: 30-06 Grouping

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    30-06 Grouping

    Afternoon gents
    my boss has got a new rifle(30-06) and with mod fitted the grouping is pants but without the mod it groups really well, any ideas as to why this is.
    Using 150grain Norma ammo

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    What rifle is it (in what stock as well)?
    is it poss that the weight of the barrel is causing the barrel to touch the forend?

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    I would think it would be a fair guess to say that either the barrel or the moderator aren't threaded correctly.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Rifle is a Steyr pro hunter, mod is a roedale precision

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyR View Post
    Rifle is a Steyr pro hunter, mod is a roedale precision
    Stock contacting the barrel would be my number1 guess, seem to remember reports of this with plastic stocked steyr rifles before?

    although as has been suggested could be a bad threading job

    Steyr prohunter Mk 2 flexing stock [Archive] - The Stalking Directory

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    harmonics!!! Try the same with a few different loads failing that go back to the drawing board and do some load development

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    I would expect better accuracy with mod unless it is clipping the mod on the way through

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    1. screw cut off center
    2. crown uneven
    3. weight up front effects harmonics
    4. shoot 3 if home loaded and 5 if factory
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