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Thread: Trichinella in Bristol

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    Trichinella in Bristol

    The Animal and Plant health agency want corpses of fox, Rat and Corvids around the Bristol area to test for Trichinella.
    Do not freeze the carcase but keep it in the fridge until collected by the above.

    Trichinella leaflet | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    They were collecting nationwide for a couple of years I bagged up quite a few for them just left them in a bag near garage door
    Well worth helping out I think

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    Yep on going in this neck of the woods as well.


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    Yes, they quickly filled their quota for this part of the world!

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    does anyone know what sparked the sudden interest ? Did they find a positive boar in the forest of Dean perhaps? or is it a doctorate or phd from the vet school that was desperate for a subject for epidemiology?

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    Thanks to the EU, the UK spends tens of millions of pounds every year on testing for a disease (which affects pigs) that isn't in the country. The EU have said that if we can prove scientifically that it isn't here, then we will no longer need to conduct the testing. Foxes are what they call an 'indicator' for trichinella - that is, if it's present in the area, then the fox population will also have it. Thus by testing a large number of carcasses from all over the UK, we will be able to demonstrate (hopefully) that it doesn't occur here.

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