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Thread: Sako 85 with Moderator, Dies, Brass, Bullets and Factory Rounds

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    Sako 85 with Moderator, Dies, Brass, Bullets and Factory Rounds

    Almost the full package, you just need a scope!
    Sake 85 Synthetic Stainless in 25/06 with original box, screw cut 14x1
    ASE UTRA Moderator
    66 Sako Factory rounds + about 10 or so other made up
    Remington Dies
    Lots of Sako brass
    1 1/2 boxes of Nosler 100gr bullets
    1 1/2 boxes of Nosler 115gr bullets
    I've probably got some powder as well

    This rifle is superb and the 25/06 round is perfect for most deer. Light recoil and great stopping power.
    I don't get much chance to get out any more so this is sitting basically unused.
    Got to be around 2,000 worth of kit here. I'd like 1,000 for the whole lot or may split but obviously some things will have to sell before others.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1531868_10207073510177545_6015347788924353999_o.jpg   1909206_10207073509457527_6103814338445862691_o.jpg   10473419_10207073503897388_4907802746141777354_n.jpg   10929124_10207073509857537_3254249509271180463_o.jpg   10996019_10207073509257522_6660941327284268693_o.jpg  

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    More pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 11037766_10207073500857312_2763817295267139195_o.jpg   11187764_10207073505337424_7763129909214738608_o.jpg   11224804_10207073507177470_716111384990762504_o.jpg   11312841_10207073508657507_5285573893332122046_o.jpg   11402797_10207073509817536_801499218544479168_o.jpg  

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    Bob what is the round count on this rifle please?


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    I don't know exactly, 4-500 would be about right.



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    There should be plenty of life left in it then!
    I'll tell me mates. As a package that's a good price.


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    Thanks Ian

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    Sounds like a bargain for somebody. I have a Sako and can't fault it. Have a bump on me.

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    Rifle only sold subject to payment.



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    Brass and bullets sold.

    Dies and Moderator remaining


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