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Thread: Free MP3 Calls: FoxPro: how to download ANY call: guide

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    Free MP3 Calls: FoxPro: how to download ANY call: guide

    Hi. Not a scam, just a way Ive worked out and want to share, how you can download an abundance of the 'calls' you can access on the internet, but simply not permitted to do so ..

    If you want to download and catalogue ANY MP3 'call' for use on an electronic caller for free then please follow the advise below.
    Ive downloaded at least 150 cracking calls onto my FoxPro; both simulations and real recordings
    Heres a how to guide ( written by a dummy for dummy's )

    1. Install MOZILLA FIREFOX ( internet browser )
    2. Install the 'ADD ON' called 'FLASH GOT' - ( works with Firefox - just follow the instructions )
    3. Find the media you want to 'grab': ( YouTube; website .. no matter where )
    4. Run 'FLASH GOT' off whilst using FIREFOX as your browser
    5. Select from 'FLASH GOT' the file you want ( either MP4 audio or MP3 audio ) we'll come to sorting MP4's out in a second !
    6. If its MP3 then download to your electronic caller as normal
    7. If the call is either MP4 (audio or video ) then you need to do a little work first
    8. Install 'SUPER' by eRight Soft. ( it will convert media files into other formats ) its free and good stuff !
    9. Using 'SUPER' convert MP4 or *.MOV or *.AVI to MP3 -> then download to your caller

    Added bonus . . this process also works for any other website and media .. try YouTube ? who knows.. ahem !

    If you find an cracking call but dont want the hastle above then PM me and I'll try to send U it back if possible.


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    Wow, sounds good. My only problem is the foxes are ignoring the caller completely at the moment.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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