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Thread: Ferei HL50 Head torch

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    Ferei HL50 Head torch

    Hi, I have my Ferei HL50 head torch for sale. This is a very bright headtorch perfectly suited to shooting, fishing and cycling. It has two led's so can be used on low or high. It's in brilliant condition as it's only a couple of months old and I have rarely used it. It comes with the 2x18650 batteries that it came with (I have used my panasonics in it) and the charger. I paid nearly 100 for it and will take 55 posted RMSD.

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    Can't find any details of Ferei. Did you mean Fenix?.

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    I just googled" Ferei Torch" and it came up

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    No its definitely a Ferei HL50 one of the best head torches on the market and very bright we have shot rabbits and foxes in excess of 100 yards using it.

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    If it helps, here's a photo and description of it from one of the cycling websites:

    Ferei HL50 - Super Bright Headlight | Bright Bike Lights
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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