I have a Ridgeline Martuk bumbag/backpack for sale. I got this from my brother in New Zealand as (from what I have researched) they're not available in the UK yet.

I got this as a one bag does it all thing and it was very good at that, however since doing more stalking I've pared my kit down so don't need so much space and also with a Niggeloh backpack sling the bag gets in the way.

I only used it a couple of times and have given it a hand wash with no detergent just to spruce it up so it is in pretty much new condition.

They retail about $130 Australian dollars so about 60 UK but as you can't get them here yet you'd be looking at 90+ with postage and import duty so I'm after 55 posted.

I do have pictures but as I'm uploading this from my phone I will send them to anyone who wants them or check out this link Martuk Backpack/Bumbag Australia – Great Deals Online | Ridgeline and it'll tell you all you need to know .