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Thread: Quick Dry Summer Shirt / Long Tee

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    Quick Dry Summer Shirt / Long Tee

    Im after a quick drying / sports material top for summer stalking, im sick of cotton taking forever to dry once wet.

    Does anyone know a one? Looked on ebay etc and can see t-shirts but nothing long sleeve.

    Can be camo or dark green doesn't really matter.

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    Do a search for Buffalo pertex. Wonderful stuff.

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    Is colour important? I've got some Helly Hansen lifawear that I've had for years and is superb as a base layer but it is black with white detailing down the arms. Some of the new military multicam stuff is designed to be worn under body armour so has the wicking and quick drying properties but is, well, military looking.

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    eBay number 261679678216 looks ideal but only in medium but sure you could find them elsewhere

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    I've got a few fishing shirts, snowbee and reddington do good ones, lovely sage green colour, vents, when wet with swear or rain they're again in about 10/15 minutes.

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    They do surplus 'airy' tee shirts that are great
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    Jack pike camo under armor vented pits thin material light warm enough on normal days keeps the crap off in shitty days,had mine a few seasons ,,,,i hardly put a coat on now,i cant remember the price off hand but they are not expensive,,,,like a smooth long sleeved tee 27 quid at springfeilds,shirt
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    Cheers lads plenty to go at there will take a look

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    I swear by these, have loads of em'...,d.ZGU&cad=rja
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    Craghoppers kiwi shirt, great colour, dries almost instantly, fantasticly light weight.
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