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Thread: Here we go again...

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    Here we go again...

    Right, apologies first as this topic has probably been done to death but....

    just passed my DSC1 and about to apply for my FAC. Expect to be mainly shooting Roe but would also look for an opportunity at Reds or Sika at some point and don't really want more than one rifle.

    So, "think" I have narrow this down to .270, .308 or 6.5X55

    Am a wee bit nervous about the 6.5 x 55 about ammo supply.

    have used a .223 (but not big enough for the flexibility I want) and .308 but neither of the other two calibers.

    probably looking at a s/h rifle so that I can afford better optics

    some basic pro's and cons of the 3 calibers would be appreciated.
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    .308 plenty of rifles about and you can buy ammunition in pretty much every gun shop you visit, wide range of bullet weights available. Couldn't get on with my old one personally, but probably the sensible choice.

    6.5x55, never shot one but raved about by most but from my little knowledge, really comes alive with home loads which you may or may not be in to.

    .270, ftw! Out of fashion maybe, some bargain rifles about. At home with 130 ish gr loads really. This would be and is my choice as a pure deer calibre but then I like things that are a bit left field.

    Also consider 25 06, 30 06, 7x57, 280 ai if your feeling really different, & 7 08/ rem mag maybe.

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    Got all three Love them all

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    All will work perfectly, and almost nobody would ever know the difference if they were randomly handed one of the three and told to go stalking.

    Your only real consideration - and it is a very serious one - is ammo availability.
    As Caorach on here advises every time this question comes up: go into your nearest gun shops and ask to see the full range of whatvthey have in each calibre. Pick the calibre with the best range (and the biggest stock within that range).

    This will save you enormous amounts of ball ache.

    My guess is that will leave you with a .308. This is no bad thing. There is nothing in the UK that will walk away from a moderately acurate shot from a .308.

    I personally dislike the 6.5x55. But, as with all calibre prefernces, this is arbitrary.

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    204 and 270 and get loading
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    Dammit mungo, beat me to it!

    If not handloading then definitely base your decision on what your local RFD has the most of.

    Never shot one but 6.5x55 really appeals to me but mainly as I love how it looks with a 160gr round nose. It does really come alive when you roll your own, as a factory round it's not that impressive ballistically.

    Any of the 3 will do the job no qualms.
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    Hi for mainly Roe the 6.5 ,have owned all 3 all great cals ,6.5 is the best.120 grn will do all deer types in the uk.
    Once zerod40 rounds do most people a long time.(lots of 6.5ammo in the south west,must be some in the north.)If you do alot of range work .308 is esay to come by.
    Good luck and enjoy what ever you choose.

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    308 is the most versatile ,easiest fed and reloaded for
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimh View Post
    204 and 270 and get loading

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    You're getting your first rifle. Probably not your last rifle. As has already been said, go with the calibre with best ammo availability (and selection) where you are.

    For what it's worth, this will probably be .308. Works well with a nice short barrel too and doesn't do too much damage on Roe. :-)

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