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Thread: Estate Managers assistant oxfordshire

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    Estate Managers assistant oxfordshire

    there is a position coming up in the near future for a estate managers assistant +, looking after...
    250 acre
    cattle, seven and a bull
    sheep, three rare breeds, 50 odd
    estate duties, woodland works, grass land work
    general farm management
    machinery and equipment knowledge required
    machinery maintenance knowledge desirable, workshop on site

    3500 birds coming in the next month!
    pens partially ready x 4
    gamekeeping duties

    live in opportunity for a single person, apartment available
    couple job available if house keeping/gardening is the other half's forte, large manor house in 14 acre of garden, cottage available

    pm me your details I'll pass them on the the Estate Manager

    I'm the estate deer manager
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    Hi can you give some more information on the job as I got a mate for is interested in this but is not a member on here so could you give some contact details please so I could pass on thanks

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