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Thread: Tyre options

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    Tyre options

    My Hilux HL3 has currently got 255/70 R15 road tyres on it, my last hilux had BFG AT's, I'd like to have them on this wagon too, but I can't get them in the size that's on it currently.

    can someone in the know tell me what alternatives sizes would fit (if any)? Or is it not possible to have those tyres on a 15 inch rim?
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    Tyre options - Technical Questions - Hilux Pickup Owners Club & Online Community

    The above link should help you out.

    I find the hpoc forum a great source for all things Hilux.



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    The /70 R15 is the bit you need to keep the same mucker. You'll get away with a change to the 255, that's the width of the tread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    The /70 R15 is the bit you need to keep the same mucker. You'll get away with a change to the 255, that's the width of the tread.
    Not exactly. The 70 part is a percentage of the width. A 255 70 15 will be taller and wider than a 215 70 15.
    Check this link out for bfg tyre sizes.
    BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO Tires

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    Hi 308
    I put 31x10. 5 Cooper SST on my Hilux vx
    They are very chunky and go anywhere. Bit noisy on the road and they do rub a bit on lock but drive ok and grip well on the road if you need to stop in a hurry
    paid just over a 100 a piece online then got them fitted local

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    You can definitely get BFG AT's in 15". As said above I think they are sized as 31x10 or something like that. Any decent tyre place should be able to keep you right.

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    My HL3 has BFG A/T's fitted and they are 30 x 9.5 x 15

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    Have a look on the BFG website and use the following link to find the closest match - there'll be something very similar in their line up. I've changed sizes a few times with various 4x4s and you should be able to find something that fits without rubbing: How to change your tyre size | Tyre size calculator | etyres

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