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Thread: New HMR or new calibre?

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    New HMR or new calibre?

    I've got a Weihrauch HW60j in .17 HMR. I'm on my second magazine which has fallen apart. Parts are very difficult to get hold of. I will replace the mag or have it repaired but I'm not sure I want to keep the Weihrauch. For one thing I want a longer barrel. I shoot more at night these days and the 14" HW is not the best rifle on sticks. A longer barrel is more stable.
    But do I trade in the HW and get a CZ or an Anshutz, or, do I go for a .17 Hornet. I know the ammo is a lot dearer but I can live with that. Its purely a rabbit rifle and recently I've found the need to push the range a bit. 150+ yards is OK with the HMR is its dead calm.
    If I bought a Hornet it would be the CZ. Is the Hornet as quiet and as accurate?

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    The hornet with have quite a bit more bark,
    a .17 hmr with a longer barrel will also give you a little more mv and less wind drift.
    If you home load the Hornet could be fed quite cheaply.

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    Got a cz 17 hornet myself,as for shooting rabbits if you want keepers got to be headshots,as for accuracy its spot on i,ve been head shooting rabbits to 185yds no problem,would say its a little louder than hmr but not much, ammo wise it is more expensive but its a cracking little rifle and a pleasure to shoot,you won,t be dissapointed if you got one.

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    Don't trade in the hw, you will get peanuts for it, replace the Mag and sell it privately, I would then get myself an older 20" cz 452. Cheap as chips and cheaper to run than the hornet,

    Just my thoughts because if you don't reload then the hornet will set you back a load of cash plus more to,set up for reloading,

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    Just put a weight on the end for sticks then you can put exactly what you want where you want it and take it of if needed

    My 14" anny is fine I shoot mostly night time of a tripod

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    I just can't help feeling that this isn't the last 60 mag I'm going to have to buy. They're a flawed design. The pin which secures the base to the tube passes through the tube so close to its bottom edge that it doesn't have enough metal round it and eventually it just tears through and the base plate falls off. I suspect if I only loaded three rounds it would survive, but four round capacity is few enough already.

    So the the Hornet is a bit louder than a HMR but less noisy than my .222? I use that for long range rabbits as well but I'm hoping to swap it for a fox/deer only .243.
    I don't need silly ranges, 200 yards is enough, occasionally 250, but I shot a rabbit at 160 yards the other night with the HMR and there was only a little wind but I still had to allow 4" of drift. I nailed him fair and square but that still carries a lot of risk of misses and injuries at what is a fairly modest distance. Will say, an 18" HMR really make the difference?
    And what moderators a required for the Hornet? I take it my HMR SAK is not proofed for that round.

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    See my other thread for my thoughts on the 17 hornet. As someone else said above it is slightly louder than the hmr with a proper centrefire moderator vs a rimfire mod and in fact I think that with a new 17 specific macctec moderator it is as quiet. Also the cz527 although a bit more expensive than a rimfire is a proper centrefire rifle with a much better action, recoil lug, great trigger once adjusted, better dovetails for scope mounting etc.

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    Go with a center fire and reload. If you are taking your shooting seriously, you can do it. Since you use a 17HMR I'm thinking you are not shooting that far as a rule. A 17 Hornet, 17 Fireball or 22 Hornet would be fine. All in a CZ, of course.~Muir

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    I do shoot that far fairly regularly but my main farm has just expanded as they have reabsorbed a former tenancy. Before that I used to spend most of my HMR time tucked up under hedges sniping ranged distances in fairly sheltered spots. Now I'm patrolling more in a vehicle and taking shots of opportunity and some of the ground is higher and more exposed. I often find myself wishing I'd brought the triple with me instead of the HMR. But I don't want a car cluttered up with guns. I want one all-round rabbit rifle.
    I don't reload but I'm moderately clued upon it. A mate has always done the low volumes of CF ammo I need for me with me helping so I know the drill. But I couldn't ask him to produce a high volume of rabbit rounds. I would guess the set-up required for loading the Hornet is less extensive and costly than for bigger CF calibres though.

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    My main reason for sticking with the hmr is that I cannot reload it so I dont worrie about the emptys they just go out the window when I'm driving, if I had a hornet I would want to collect the emptys for reloading so would have to have someone to drive me around so I could shoot out of the passangers side and eject into the truck, this is not ideal as I cannot then shoot forward inline with the truck and all the lights I have set up for the job.

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