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Thread: Flesh eating plants

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    Flesh eating plants

    For some reason the Drosera (sundew) has come really well this year and seems to have just appeared all of a sudden. I was out at trout during the week and got some photos of both types and as they are quite interesting, though far from rare as I couldn't put a foot down without standing on some, I thought to post the photos here:

    D. anglica

    D. rotundafolia

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    Nice colours,................ think Willie Gunn may have competition here?
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    sticky buggers lol
    but what a very nice picture

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    The interesting thing about the insect eating plants in the US, like the Pitcher Plant, and Venus Flytrap, is that they naturally occur in only small areas of North Carolina and South Carolina where meteors struck the Earth in the coastal plains or swamps and created round lakes or long ponds from a grazing strike ( Carolina Bays ).

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    I went to the RHS Spring show at Malvern and purchased a Sundew and a Pitcher plant. The Sundew is in the green house and is prolific its been in flower for weeks. The Pitcher plant is on my terrace and is also thriving. Both sit in a saucer with 1" of rain water.

    The kids find them facinating and they are lovely plants


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