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Thread: CLA Game Fair.

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    CLA Game Fair.


    I realise no one has a Crystal Ball but generally speaking which of the Three Days is the quietest? My Wife Works those Three Days so will have to arrange a Day off so which, if any , is the quietest Day please?



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    Friday always quietest. But costs a fiver more to get in.

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    but less deals if there are any about anymore on a good note more stock to buy ?

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    Best time to haggle is after 3 on the Sunday.

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    I always like the Friday the best at the game fair for looking around the stands.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    If you wait until Sunday all the good stuff will be gone.

    Friday is a good quiet Day, so long as you don't mind mixing with the Straw hat brigade.

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    Nothing wrong with the straw hat brigade.Wf1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long drag View Post
    so long as you don't mind mixing with the Straw hat brigade.
    They probably speak highly of you as well
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    Thank you Gents.
    Looks like Friday is good. I wonder why an extra fiver for the Friday?


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    The powers that be will probably come up with some justification, but in reality 'because they can'

    ATB Lee

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