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Thread: Another Mississippi Pig

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    Another Mississippi Pig

    This one was disrespecting my son-in-law's wheat field back in April. I shot him at 62 steps with my Bushmaster standard M4 Carbine . I load 223's for 3 son-in-law's, my brother , and my son. The go too load is a 65 gr Sierra Game King , 24 gr of Ramshot Xterminator , and Remington 7 1/2 primers. That little pig was about 40 pounds.
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    CJ looks a good eating size , was it taken day or night time .

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    Shot this little pig about 4 in the afternoon. I stalked up to a small field that the pigs seem to like and there were about 15 small and 5 big ones . Didn't have any way to move a big one so I popped one that was grilling size. The load I listed in the original post is my first effort at a deer/pig load for the numerous 223's in my family. It seems to shoot well in everybody's gun . I have made over 300 of these in the last month for everybody. The biggest problem I have is I can't get my hands on any Xterminator ( or Accurate 2230 same powder) right now. I've got enough for this season but not enough for a lot of extra shooting.

    Although I had my AR when I shot this pig I usually carry my Handy Rifle also in 223 . It is very lite and short. Perfect for stalking around in the woods. I have a lot of nice guns but the Handy gets used a lot because it is so "handy". A friend talked me into the AR . I don't like it for hunting because the magazine well trigger guard etc keeps you from carrying the gun down at your side when you are stalking. To me the only time an AR is comfortable is when it is at your shoulder and you are about to shoot . Then it is great.

    My son-in-law has a mini-14 and it is a better design for carrying around in the woods if you want an automatic fan.
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