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    Hips and eyes...

    I have been approached to have my dog used as stud on a very heavy bitch and the owner of the bitch wants hip and eye scores.. how is this done and what will it cost and what will the results mean? Also the bitch is 10kgs overweight, will this have a effect on the mating?

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    a little more info Red Dot what type of dog is it mate as you may require other tests two what age is the stud dog and bitch
    hips are done under sedation by x ray your looking at around 120 to 150 and depending on type of bva eye test can range from 30 to 100

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    I would never mate a dog to a fat bitch. Or should I say I would never have a fat bitch mated. A recipe for a cesarian section.


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    Very good replies guys... my dog is a 38kg athletic CBR aged 4 and the bitch is a lovely but 42kg big girl... was never into fat girls myself??

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