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Thread: BSA majestic featherweight?

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    BSA majestic featherweight?

    As above i have the opportunity to pick on of these up from a guy who can guarantee the history of the rifle, but i would appreciate any ones opinions on these rifles, like build quality accuracy etc.
    thanks in advance

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    Good build quality, trigger not great but useable. I like the Majestic, but would not have a featherweight. The integral muzzle brake is LOUD and the 270 I used was spiteful to shoot.
    I do know where there's a standard weight one going cheap....

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    had a featherweight many years ago in .270, should never have got rid of it miss it lots to this day still looking to replace.

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    Cracking rifle
    Very good build, I have the same in .270 that is well used

    dont use a bipod, took me 3m and 100 rounds to work out why it wouldn't group as the fore end was flexing and touching the barrel.

    wood is the weakness here imo.
    i am currently looking to replace the stock on mine as it is cracked through the grip

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    Joining the conversation on the late side, but as I picked up Majestic featherweight in 30-06 a couple years ago, thought I may as well throw in my comments.

    Mine came to me via an on-line sale, and arrived in need of some clean-up and refinishing. That done, I mounted an inexpensive 2-7x scope (Bushnell Legend) on it, put together a few different reloads, and headed to the range. I don't recall all the details, but I was thoroughly impressed with the rifle's super smooth action, its quick and easy handling, and its accuracy. I ended with a 3 shot group under 1" at 100 yds. ... 165 gr Hornady interlocks I believe.

    In a word, it is "sweet", and if see another in a different cartridge for sale at a reasonable price, I will not hesitate to purchase it.

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    If it's the one with the integrated muzzle break, I'd try before I buy. Won't make many friends on the range.

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    Mine is one of those with an integrated muzzle break. It's a hunting rifle, and will just visit the range for sighting in, or for load development. The range I use is pretty much a "semi-private" affair with only one centrefire station. Anyone using it knows to wear proper hearing protection ... as everyone at any range should. Muzzle break noise is most noticeable for those positioned pretty much parallel to the muzzle. It is really a matter of where the noise is directed, not of how much noise is generated.

    I agree that trying it out before making a decision is a great idea. I'm only suggesting you not deny yourself the pleasures of owning an accurate, well built, and sweet handling rifle like the Majestic Featherweight, based solely on the opinion of others who suggest it will be too noisy.

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    First .308 I ever used. In all honesty the only think can remember was is kicked like a son of a bit ch when shooting prone. I have a CF2 in 270 so I imagine the actions will be very similar I.e really nice!
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