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Thread: Steyr mannlicher pro hunter

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    Steyr mannlicher pro hunter

    Hi all just got a good deal on a steyr pro hunter .243 although I can't collect until i get the variation . Comes with harris bipod T8 silencer schmidt and bender 8x56 hungarian and I'm new condition and only done 100 rounds on the range. Is their any pointers and tips any of you chaps can give me about this setup.


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    Had the exact set up mine didn't like 100 gr ammo it was a mountain my other pro's shoot well enough but don't put too much pressure on rifle when shooting off the bipod I had a channel enlargement on the 308

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    Thanks Norma. What do you mean dont put to much pressure on rifle whilst shooting off bipod. Sorry for being daft lol


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    Bin the T8 and get CMM4. Ditch bipod. Use sticks or bag. Mine likes 100gr Winchester but 100gn Federal Powershock will go in the general direction and serve up the roe already minced. T8. And bipod has to be carefully handled or barrel will touch stock and destroy the harmonics. The Cmm4 will bring the rifle nearly back to balance. The T8 might as well be a scaffold pole. Uncomfortable to carry.

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    Cheers mate. I won't bother with the bipod then as to be fair most of my foxing is from a vehicle off the wing mirror. I'll look at the CMM4 silencer. Is soft point ammo ok for fox?

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    The folks above have mentioned the bipod issue and are quite right - but that doesn't mean to say that you can't or shouldn't use one. As long as you remember not to pre-load it you can shoot perfectly accurately with a pro-hunter.

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    What do you mean by preload it mate?

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    To get a stable position you can 'lean in' to the bipod slightly by pushing forward on the stock. It works well prone on grass for example but not so well on a smooth painted bonnet where the bipod feet might slip. The problem with the Prohunter synthetic is that the fore end is flexible and loading the bipod tends to flex the fore end up to touch the barrel. You have to make a conscious effort not to do this when you get this becomes natural after a while. However if you lean in as a habit with your rifles and then get a stray shot or two with the prohunter then it could be that you've forgotten and are leaning in again. It got me the first few times but having said that the prohunter is capable without modification of getting good touching groups at 100 off a bipod particularly with home loads.
    Jimbo123p is absolutely right about getting a light can for these!

    Have fun!

    PS) Most prohunter owners I know have pimped theirs with a GRS stock...which is fine if you like these. Joe West did experiment with a nice sporting stock but unfortunately I think they've abandoned that idea. I don't think there's an elegant aftermarket stock out there.

    PPS) I might go for a hollow point or Blitzking (Ballistic Tip) type for foxing. Product - Sierra Bullets - The Bulletsmiths
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    Thanks alot for the help mate. I'll have to get the rifke then get down on bipod without shooting and get used to it.

    Thanks again appreciate all help.

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    Steyr changed the stock composition a few years ago to make it stiffer, but not as stiff and hard as the Cycolac stock on the SSG-69 and Model M Professional. The older stock was a dark grey color, and the newer ones are black.

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