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Thread: Paper work for SA

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    Paper work for SA

    Any one come back from South Africa in the past couple of months? is the paper work for taking firearms still the same ie SAPS form and FAC?
    Thanks Sean

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    Yep, I went out in May, in addition you will need letter from your Outfitter inviting you to shoot etc..

    There was a great post on here the other day, some clever bloke listed all the steps and what you need as there was some discussion around needing a Export Licence from UK customs or something, have a scan through and you will find it.

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    Some are saying that you need a proof of export from uk which you ask for at the uk customs check out but I wasn't asked for it at Joburg. You need passport ,FAC & SAPS 525 form filled out but only sign it in front of the guy at Joburg. Also take a torch , pen and photo copies of FAC & passport in case they have a power outage as happened to me a year ago ! Have fun. Rupert

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    I WAS asked at Jo'burg for export paperwork in March, I did have it and it was freely given at Heathrow without asking for it!

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