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Thread: This years crop

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    This years crop

    I've not seen any sows with young at the feeder till last night. A sow with seven young. They showed at the feeder 2 months earlier last year. There has been yearling males visiting nealy every night. As the weather is a bit cooler i will sit out to night and see if i can bag one

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    Great pic. Wish I could set this type of feeder up, but don't think the great British public could be trusted to leave it alone.

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    One could set up a feeder like they use in Germany. It is a simple box (14" X 14" X 4") made out of 2X4s, and staked to the ground. They build a heavy lid and place a large stone on the lid. This will keep the younger piglets, and other smaller animals, from getting into it.

    Unless you know where it is, you don't see it. The public, there, don't seem to bother these feeders.

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