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Thread: O-Ring Aluminum Jag

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    O-Ring Aluminum Jag

    has anyone used one of this innovation jags and what is the verdict?

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    Have an o ring brass jag
    they fit real tight to the bore
    ideal if you want a squeaky clean bore

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    Have you got a link?
    I spent 6 months working with Orings.

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    I cant see the point, surely a tight o-ring on the back of the jag is going to force out any solvent you want to leave in the bore to act on the fouling??
    The ones with the o rings on the front are an interesting concept but then where do you attach your patch?


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    I bought one to try (brass not ally) works well but needs a spear point on the front to hold the patch.
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    I assume an undersize Oring is to keep the rod from contacting the rifling when it bends under pushing pressure?

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