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    Just a quick question which is nothing more than "out of interest". I know about Guntrader and Gunstar but I've just come across which (On first impressions) seems to have quite good search facilities so I was wondering how many of you actually bother looking at or what other gun sales web sites do you prefer?

    I should add that I am not connected in any way to any of the gun sales sites that I have mentioned!

    Following Paul's post (Post nunmer 2 on this thread) about Gundeal being in Ireland are there any other English Sites that are worth looking at?
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    you know there in Ireland mty , some good stuff for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    you know there in Ireland mty , some good stuff for sale.
    Thanks for that Paul, I didn't realise. That being the case are there any reliable English Gun Trader sites that are worth looking at rather than Gunstar or Guntrader?

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    If you are thinking about selling I suppose you have to look at what each site offers and the results they achieve.
    I have sold two shotguns, both were advertised on guntrader, gunstar and gunwatch, both were sold through Gunstar.
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    one of mine has gone on Gunstar They just seam to sell better ?

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    I prefer Guntrader's search and listings style, but IME GunStar has a more eclectic range of guns and asking prices are generally lower.
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