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Thread: Gun cabinet in loft

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    Gun cabinet in loft

    Hi all, im in the process of moving, and the new house hasn't got much spare room for putting the cabinet in the bedroom. So I was thinking about putting the cabinet in the loft, but worried about the condensation occuring. Have any of you got cabinets in the loft and how do you stop them from rusting up? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Hi I put mine in the loft and don't have any damp issues. It is a new build and has good insulation and breathable membrane so isn't damp in the slightest. Otherwise i wouldn't have put them in there.
    sorry if thats no help

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    It's Late.

    You're wet, cold & pi55ed off because you didn't have a great night shooting.

    Family are in bed.

    You've got to go to work in the morning.

    Are you really going to climb in to the loft to put your firearm away?

    This is what a FLO suggested to me as to the reasons why he did not like guns in lofts and was happy to accept mine to be stored in an integral garage (albeit with extra security of bolts & locks etc).

    There are many cabinets available disguised as pieces of furniture - also, a cabinet does not have to be vertical. Lay it horizontal somewhere and the FLO should be happy?

    Loft I would avoid.
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    Last place i just moved out of was there for 18 yrs , no where over than loft , I had Ramsay ladder and extended the loft hatch so was a decent size to get thru easy, gun cabinets bolted to gable brick wall , floored and table and all reloading gear etc up , no damp no rust and out of the way.
    Yes you come back late at night you have to go up to,get them away but that was small price to pay for having my own " gun room" in an otherwise small house

    Needs must


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    Well only suitable places to bolt to the wall is in the toilet or in one of my kids rooms, all the other walls are either stud walls or have Windows or radiators in the way. It's a fairly new build only about 10years, I have a decent hatch and ladder to the loft. I don't know what to do.

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    Is the loft decent height for walking around? Is it floored?
    Do you reload ?
    I did all that in mine

    It wasn't that big a deal & feo did say not best place but in my circumstances ( a 2 bedroom Barrett flat ) it was best option
    Did not want it in kids room or bathroom..... Bathroom be damp with showers etc .

    You can do stud wall if you use decent bit of birch plywood ( 20mm +) or similar and pick up the beams and coachbolt to them, Then coachbolt cabinets to that .....if thieves wanted cabinets they would have to cut out whole section of wall cabinets on . ( mine ! Recently moved)
    I've seen this set up and it being passed if done correctly

    Like you say all recent newer builds are all stud wall in the main and not possibly to get brick or block,wall


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    I put my cabinets in the loft when I moved 3 years ago and no problems on inspection.

    I bolted to beams with coach bolts and boxed them in so only the doors are visible.
    The loft is all boarded out with a couple Velux windows and insulated .
    Access is via a hatch in the hall way and a wooden pull down ladder.
    its just the job

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    My friend who lives in Devon asked the same question, he was refused at it was impractical, as said already, you get home very late and need to go in the loft and wake everybody up.
    But maybe you will get a different FEO.
    Good luck

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    If you have a habitable loft with stairs ..OK,
    you could make it a den.

    But if its a standard loft with a trapdoor and insulation,
    best not to store anything up there.

    as for guns ....If its a lot of trouble to gain access
    to your cabinet human nature will tend not to use it properly.

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    If its a man-cave loft with good access, who am I to turn you off the idea.

    But dont discount stud walls. Most houses these days are the same. Search for threads on here and you'll see it can be done. My FLO is happy anyway.
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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