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Thread: Beretta S56E o/u

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    Beretta S56E o/u

    Hi gents toying with another o/u shotgun seen a good deal in the above shotgun has anyone had one ? Any good / bad points ?
    Atb jim
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    Hi jimbo I owned one bout 10 yrs ago and had no problems with it my one had been stored for about 20 yrs without being used so was like new .sold it for 450 to a dealer, if your one is in good condition and been well looked after shouldnt be any probs

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    I have one I have had it about 20 years and it is the one shotgun I would never sell.I have a straight hand stock double trigger ejector.I was told by a dealer at the CLA a few years ago the single triggers could be troublesome at times but mine has been excellent

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    I had one years ago, it had a straight stock and double triggers. It was a very nice gun and is high up on the long list of stuff I wish I hadn't sold.

    If the one you are looking at has a similar spec, and you decide not to buy it, please send me the sellers details as I may be interested.

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    I had one with double triggers and Prince of Wales grip. Lovely gun, very reliable. I sold it and bought a 687 multichoke but still regret it. Much quicker handling than the 687.

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    Thanks for your replies and experiences gents think I'm going to go for it
    atb jim

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