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    Hi all. Looking to do a Mcnab with a friend. Can anyone recommend anyone? Or give me a rough idea of cost? Cheers. Luke

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    Finzean estate near Aberdeen circa 700

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    I'd look for an estate with a good salmon river, as this always seems the element which is the hardest. Highland Perthshire (Atholl, Glen Lyon area) would be one area, central Aberdeenshire (Iinvercauld, Balmoral, Glen Tanar) are others. expect to pay the going rate for a stag, brace of grouse and a day's fishing. the figure mentioned above isn't too far off. Good luck......

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    Might be worth looking at Gannochy estate, or try via George Goldsmith - depends on your budget and size of party, but usually a bit of delving about on the interwebby thingy will turn something up. Managed to get 2/3 of a macnab once in the far North, but the Grouse weren't playing! Good luck

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    Opticron1 who did you use ? I'm interested in completing a mcnab too

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    Sorry for the delay in replying gg, but been away on holiday. The estate I had my "2/3" macnab doesn't have much grouse shooting - maybe a brace or two a year as there aren't many on the ground, a few ptarmigan nearby, but they concentrate on salmon/sea trout and stags. The Gannochy estate is in some lovely countryside and seems to have quite a helpful website so they would be my choice to follow up if the time and money allow. Cheers!

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    try the Alness area...........a few places there would be willing to help

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    No personal experience of them but Gannochy estate do Mcnab's on a regular basis.

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