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Thread: What magazine do you buy?

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    What magazine do you buy?

    I've been buying Sporting Rifle and Fieldsports Magazine for the last four years. Fieldsports being the best magazine IMO....

    What do you buy?

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    Shooting times and Sporting rifle ,i have never seen Fieldsports mag were do you get it ?

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    Shooting Times for me too... I've never seen Fieldsports Mag either

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    Sporting Rifle, countrymans weekly and i flick through the shooting times but not seen the fieldsports mag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amberdog View Post
    Sporting Rifle, countrymans weekly and i flick through the shooting times but not seen the fieldsports mag
    WHSmith always stock it. It's mainly game shoooting, but it does have some stalking and alway fly-fishing.

    Good read.

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    I forgot to mention that FieldSports Magazine is only a quarterly.

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    I buy a Gun Mart now and again, and used to read Sporting Rifle. To be honest though I got a bit fed up with all of them as I never read a bad review in any of them! I understand they have to keep the advertisers happy but at the expense of the truth? If you do a review on a rifle which has an 8lb trigger with half an inch of creep, how is that 8/10? It may as well not have one! If the manufacturers don't like it being given a 2/10 maybe they should sort it out, after all the truth sometimes hurts!

    When (unlikely) these things are sorted out to give a true picture to the consumer I'll happily buy or subscribe, but until then I'd rather read honest opinions of users on forums like this one. At least then if you say "I want to buy a CZ rimfire" someone will come back and say "they're a great rifle but the triggers can be a little creepy so be prepared to fit a brookes kit".

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    I buy sporting gun, sporting shooter,sporting rifle,trout fisherman and i stoped getting shooting times a few years back way to many adds.

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