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Thread: Anyone had family in the US send anything over to the UK?

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    Anyone had family in the US send anything over to the UK?

    I am after a couple of boyds rifle stocks and have family in the states who have agreed to get them delivered to them, then they will send them to me. Has anyone done similar before themselves?

    I am unsure whether I will be able to pay for the stocks myself on their website if my card isn't registered at the US delivery address,


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    I've bought quite a few things in the US and, apart from a very few, they have always taken UK credit/debit cards. I'd always advise using a credit card for extra cover especially the Halifax Clarity card as you don't get charged and it converts at the actual exchange rate, not the tourist rate. It works out better than cash!!

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    Thanks mate I don't actually have a credit card though!! I know I can use UK cards but I'm not sure if they'll deliver to the US address if I order it online,

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    I've ordered with UK card and had delivered to US address before.

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    A friend sends me boxes of empty cases, of various sizes, both pistol and rifle, fairly regularly with no issues.

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    I had an order for a pink plastic stock rejected by Cabelas a couple weeks ago. You cannot export anything from the USA over $100. They picked up that my credit card was British.
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    I think, regardless of value, that stocks count as prohibited under ITAR regulations. Ridiculous, but there you go. Empty cases are also covered, I'm afraid

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    When I ordered a LED IR for my NM800 direct from the States I had to send my brother the money via PayPal then have him order it to be delivered to him in NZ then him ship it to me as every payment method I tried even when sending it to him came back as UK and they wouldn't send it. It still worked out 40% cheaper even with all that nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spandit View Post
    ....Empty cases are also covered, I'm afraid...
    No they ain't.

    I have brought back thousands


    Thank you for electronic message of October 26, 2010, to the
    Transportation Security Administration Contact Center asking about the
    transport of a reloading press, a powder scale, and other items aboard
    commercial aircraft.

    The reloading press, dies, powder scale, empty un-primed brass
    cartridge cases, bullet heads, rifle scopes, and bullets are permitted
    in checked baggage. We do recommend, however, that you carry the rifle
    scopes through the screening checkpoint since these items are permitted
    in the aircraft cabin. Doing so would afford the item better protection
    against potential damage.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Sincerely yours,

    Chad Bash
    Acting Deputy General Manager for Mission Support
    Office of Security Operations


    Hope this helps

    Also, Boyds can export stocks under $100 (that is why loads are at $99)?

    Quote (from Boyds website)

    International Customers

    Due to language barriers, please create your own account to assure accurate address and payment info is provided.
    Please note current limits and restrictions on international orders:

    • AR-15 parts CANNOT be exported!
    • Orders with a FOREIGN BILL TO ADDRESS & DOMESTIC SHIP TO ADDRESS will NOT be processed!
    • Rifle orders with a product value over $100.00 CANNOT be exported (excluding Canada).
      There is no value limit on Shotgun stocks & Forends.
    • Brownells Acraglas Gel Glass Bedding Kit, Spruh Konig, Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Finish Kit, & Wheeler Inletting Black CANNOT be exported due to the flammable nature of these products.

    We CAN ONLY Ship to the Following Countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada (Product value limit increased to $500.00 without export licensing), Croatia, Czech Republic, El Salvador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine and United Kingdom.


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    Yes, stocks are now covered under ITAR rules so a no-go unless you use an import agent like Jackson Rifles for McMillan.

    I know McMillan refuse to accept international payments even if delivery is to US address. It's just the way things are going and I suspect within long we'll not be able to obtain much, if any, gunsmithing parts, components, equiptment, etc. etc. from the US. I don't think this will really hurt their industry or economy as such as the domestic market is huge and the rest of the world is negligible.

    It does however create a UK domestic opportunity for small companies to operate within these areas; issue is of course, due to the ludicrous arms regulations in the UK there will only ever be a shrinking demand for arms or components, which makes it hardly worth anyone setting up production.

    This is of course one of the reasons why you see almost every stalker in the UK carrying a cheap import gun like the T3's or Remmie's..well, we're not supposed to think they're cheap due to the insane price increase as they crossed our border, but in the US they're about the price of a pair of nice shoes! LOL

    Stratts - the way to do it is to bank transfer the funds to your US family, then ask them to order the stocks to them, then post on to you as personal belongings with no value(if you want to cheap tax) and make sure all packaging and labels have been removed.

    That way it's both legal and possible..well, apart from not declaring true value in terms of customs fee's..but that's up to you, my recommendation of course is to declare true value both for tax and insurance purposes.

    alternatively, buy them and leave them at your family's home until you go visit next time, then bring with you home.

    the above two situations do not contravene the itar rules

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